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// I grew up wanting to be a journalist. I did my time and earned the fancy communications degree in PR, marketing and journalism, yet it seems life had other plans, and I somehow ended up in a job (I loved) designing watches at 21. That job took me travelling around the world and allowed me to indulge my creativity by day, and party away my weekends. I became a pawn in the ‘destructive relationship game’ around that time as well, and while seemingly thriving and happy on the outside, was pushing down insecurities, fears and serious self-doubt on the inside. I was on a constant quest for approval – always outside of myself.

// A few years on: I met my soulmate, and seven weeks later, he moved overseas (a move that had been planned well before I came on the scene). After three months and a few ridiculous phone bills, I decided to take a chance on this blossoming love of ours and booked a trip to the UK on my almost-maxed-out credit card. He came home with me a few weeks later, and we’ve been beautifully, outrageously loved up ever since.

// To fast forward a little (there’s plenty in between, but we’ll save that for later) a year ago, I was working full-time in digital PR. It was ticking a few big boxes, but still I was searching for meaning and purpose. Simmering beneath the surface was this unshakeable belief that there was something bigger I was meant to be doing. This blog – my sanctuary – had been growing and flowing for 18 months and an incredible community had sprouted around me. I knew that I wanted to give and share something with them. With you.

But of course, the limiting beliefs – that shrill call of “You’re not ready!” – boomed over my internal loudspeaker, and although I’d felt the call to play bigger, there was a persistent voice insisting I play safe. ‘But you’re so comfortable here’.

Sources: http://inspacesbetween.com/about/




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